Risto Vuorio

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I am a visiting scholar in Satinder Singh's lab at University of Michigan, working on deep reinforcement learning and lifelong learning. I am interested in developing new algorithms for reinforcement learning and applying them to new problems. Also, I am looking for a Ph.D. position for 2020.


Multimodal Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning via Task-Aware Modulation

Risto Vuorio (equal contribution), Shao-Hua Sun (equal contribution), Hexiang Hu, and Joseph J. Lim. NeurIPS (Spotlight). 2019

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Multi-Driver Dispatching and Repositioning Problem

John Holler (equal contribution), Risto Vuorio (equal contribution), Tiancheng Jin, Satinder Singh, Zhiwei Qin, Jieping Ye, Xiaocheng Tang, Yan Jiao, and Chenxi Wang. ICDM Short Paper. 2019

Toward Multimodal Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning

Risto Vuorio, Shao-Hua Sun, Hexiang Hu and Joseph J. Lim. NeurIPS Meta-Learning Workshop. 2018

Meta Continual Learning

Risto Vuorio, Subin Yi, Dong-Yeon Cho, Daejoong Kim and Jiwon Kim. NeurIPS Continual Learning Workshop. 2018

Research Experience

Visiting Scholar

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Research Engineer

SK Telecom, T-Brain

Research Assistant

Machine Learning for Big Data Group, Aalto University

Research Assistant

Embedded Systems Group, Aalto University


M.Sc. Computer Science (with distinction)

Aalto University
Helsinki, Finland

Minor: Mathematics

Thesis: Stream Processing on a Multi-core DSP with Open Event Machine

B.Sc. Industrial Management

Aalto University
Helsinki, Finland

Minor: Software Technology

Industry Experience

Data Scientist/Software Engineer

Wolt Enterprises Oy

Software Engineer

Apportable Inc

Service and Activities


NeurIPS Deep Reinforcement Learning Workshop 2019